Flints Pond

About Flints Pond:

Flints pond is a 50-acre warm-water pond located in the town of Hollis, in southern New Hampshire.  The pond is open to the public for fishing, kayaking and canoeing in the summer.  In the winter ice fishing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling are also popular. Public access is available by using the state boat ramp at the North end of the pond.  Click the link above for more information and a topographical map.


Please be aware that Flints Pond is an unfortunate host to the exotic nuisance weed "milfoil." Check your boats for milfoil and remove all traces of the weed to prevent spreading this nuisance to other waterways.

Gasoline engines are not allowed on the pond, only electric motors of three horsepower or less.


Golf Tournament:


Volunteers are needed for planning the 2016 fundraiser. Anyone interested in participating should contact president@flintspond.org



Monthly Meeting:

Check our Facebook page for meeting times and location.


Weed Watchers:

The Flint Pond Improvement Association is proactive in identifying and taking action to control invasive aquatic plants and participates in the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Weed Watcher program.  If you would like to be a weed watcher for Flints Pond, please contact president@flintspond.org 


Volunteers can login to the Weed Watcher page by Clicking Here.